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Book Review: A Tribe Called Bliss By Lori Harder

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What is up my Divas! You know I love me a good personal development book and sharing them with you guys! For August’s book club, I had the pleasure of reading Lori Harder’s new book A Tribe Called Bliss, which is all tribe.

If you didn’t know, Lori Harder is an author, speaking and leading expert in the fitness field. She hosts the Earn Your Happy Podcast which I featured as one of my top 5 podcasts you need you to be listening to. Lori is also the founder of the event The Bliss Project. She inspires me on the regular and makes me want to be the very best version of myself.

I couldn’t wait to learn more about her book and dive right into it.


Are you ready to find your tribe? Do you already have one and ready to take it to the next level? This month’s edition of The Diva Mantras Book Club we dive into Lori Harder’s new book “A Tribe Called Bliss”

What is this whole tribe thing

A Tribe Called Bliss is about finding and building a group of women that you connect with on a deep level. Lori shares her own issues of self-doubt, anxiety, personal pain, and an introvert.  She was able to overcome it all by finding the tribe she was craving for.

Lori goes into detail why having a tribe is so important in a woman’s life. Your tribe sisters can help you be a better version of yourself on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

It is said, women who form these bond with other women live longer, accomplish more and are much happier. You are able to let out all parts of yourself with others who accept and get you.

I know personally having amazing friends has helped me overcome all my struggles this past year and a half. My sisters were my strength when I needed them and my biggest cheerleaders.

So how do you build a sisterhood?

A tribe called bliss offers a step by step process on how to find and develop your own sisterhood. From how to invite them into your tribe to developing tribe meetings, you everything you need.

Each chapter ends with a soul assignment you need to complete on your own and one you need to complete with your tribal sisters during your meetings.

You’ll never grow in the woman you’re meant to be, unless she’s forced to come out.

Reading through Lori’s book, I gained such a better understanding of why a sisterhood is so important. More so you need to nature and maintain it as well. Together with your group of badass, you can be unstoppable in finding your true bliss in life.

If you are readying to find and build your own tribe, then this is the book for you. You can get a copy of  A Tribe Called Bliss here.

To learn more about Lori follow her at Instagram, subscribe to her podcast Earn your Happy on iTunes or check out her website at

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Book Review: A Tribe Called Bliss
Book Review: A Tribe Called Bliss

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