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The Dirty, Dirty T Word – Therapy!

Today we are talking about the dirtiest of T words – THERAPY!! J/K J/K it’s not a bad word. But for a lot of people it is. It’s amazing the things society teaches us. It’s taught us if you go to ... READ the POST

5 Reasons to Stop Silencing Your Voice

All of us at some point have kept silent when the actions or comments of others have bothered us in some way. Whether it be in business, friendships or your personal relationships – you kept quiet to ... READ the POST

What Every Woman Ought to Know When Finding Her Own Inner-strength

  This past year I have been on such a journey of finding out who I was. In the early stages, I would find myself asking “Who is Verla?” or “What does she want?”. I didn’t have an answer to ... READ the POST

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