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Do You Have a Mantra You Live By?

This was my very first mantra. This quote started my passion for having them. These 9 words would set me on path that would lead me to where I am today. During the summer of 2017, I was in the ... READ the POST

Why I Started Setting Boundaries In My Life?

I never realized how much you need to set boundaries in your life. Hell, I never realized it was a necessity if I’m honest with myself. I just never thought about doing it or what it truly ... READ the POST

Are You Being True To Yourself?

  We see all those amazing quotes on Instagram or Pinterest about “living your truth” or “Be unapologetically you”. We rush to pin them to our Pinterest boards or share on social media, ... READ the POST

Are You Practicing Self-love In Your Life?

Well, do you look yourself in the mirror and love who you are? No?? Whelp it’s time you start working on that. As women I think we have the hardest time loving who we are. Society is always telling ... READ the POST

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