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Biggest Lessons You Learn in a Year – Looking Back on Year 33

What is up babes! Guess what?!!? Tomorrow is my birthday!!! via GIPHY Tomorrow I will be 34 and it’s crazy how much life has changed this past year. Year 33 has probably been one of the most ... READ the POST

Why I Could Careless I’m Single on Valentine’s Day and You Shouldn’t Either

Happy Valentine’s Day Babes! Also Happy Self Love Day!! (honestly, I’m celebrating this today because ya girl believes in all things self-love) So, a show of hands who is single today!? via GIPHY Me ... READ the POST

The 6 Life Lessons You Should Learn While Going Through a Divorce

Aaaahhhh guys!! I have such exciting news! I’m finally able to share that I am officially divorced!! When I found out I wanted to do backflips but I probably would have hurt myself LOL. I settled ... READ the POST

What do you need to leave behind in 2018?

You guys can you believe that it’s 2019! I am so ready to leave behind 2018! The last two years have been so rocky while going through my marriage falling apart to it officially ending and restarting ... READ the POST

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