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Divorces + Life Lessons Between Sisters

OMG Sis! It's so crazy to even admit this! But I'm going to anyway cause ya know your gurl keeps it real with you! Okay here goes: I went through my divorce at the same exact time my sister went ... READ the POST

This ain’t your mama’s FB group

🔥 MY FACEBOOK GROUP IS NOW OPEN🔥 MEET YOUR PEOPLE. FIND YOUR SISTERHOOD. GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED TO MOVE FORWARD. Going through a breakup can be lonely AF. Boo I get it! It can be real fucking ... READ the POST

5 Tips On How You Can Have The Best Damn Single Girl Summer

What is up Diva Tribe, it’s officially summer!!  Queue the Will Smith song Summa Summa time via GIPHY  Summertime in New York is probably my favorite time of the year. The beaches are ... READ the POST

New colors, New website, New Vibe – Who dis!

Loves! I’m pissing my pants as I write this…. It’s a official- we are leveling the F up! I’m so excited to share the rebrand of The Diva Mantras and with it an entirely new website!! With ... READ the POST

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