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Do you ever stop and think, “Damn life changed so much this year?” In 1-year life, as you know it can be completely different. Today I’m reflecting as I finish year 33. Click to learn more!

Biggest Lessons You Learn in a Year – Looking Back on Year 33

So it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air aaannd your single. Sigh. But wait don’t be sad about your single girl embrace it! Today I’m sharing why I could careless I’m single and you shouldn’t either.

Why I Could Careless I’m Single on Valentine’s Day and You Shouldn’t Either

Every time you go through any life change there are so many lessons that come from it. While going through my divorce I learned a ton of life lessons that helped me grow. Click to learn the 6 life lessons I learned while going through a divorce!

The 6 Life Lessons You Should Learn While Going Through a Divorce