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How a journaling practice can help you heal after a breakup?

How a journaling practice can help you heal after a breakup?

Hi loves

Breakups. We’ve all been there, done that,  got the t-shirt.

There have been breakups that didn’t mean shit and others that still make us feel some type of way. They can be painful and take a bit to recover from.

Breakups are like (almost) grieving the death of a loved one. You have to go through the grieving process to help you heal and recover.

Your emotions are all over the place. One minute you hate them, the next you’re still professing your love for them.

Boo, I feel ya on this!

I would flip back and forth so much I thought I was losing my shit. But my therapist would lovingly tell me it’s all part of the process – you have to allow yourself to go through it.

If you do not you will never truly move forward.

Having a journaling practice has helped me so much with my healing and I know it can help you too.

Write it out and get it out

The beauty of journaling is you can write whatever you want without fear of someone seeing it.  You can get out all your feelings regardless of what they are.

Be mad, be sad, pissed – whatever you are feeling allow it to come through.

Never feel ashamed of anything you write. Getting all those emotions out allows you to release them instead of holding them in.

When you do you’re doing more harm than good. Suppressing your feelings can come out in other ways such as anxiety or depression.  

But by writing it all out it starts to become deeply therapeutic and healing at the same time.

Just by picking up that pen and get it allll out.

Reflections and Perspective

As you write, you might be surprised by some of the thoughts and feelings that come through.

Since you have zero judgment everything and anything is allowed.

This was something I realized during my own journaling process.

Emotions I wouldn’t allow myself to feel would come out in my writing. Answers to questions I didn’t know I needed were able to be asked.

Having my journaling practice allowed that happen.

My favorite exercise is to write a letter to your ex on your feelings about the breakup. This is not something to give to them, but a way for you to fully get out what you are feeling. Anything that comes to mind, write it.

It does not need to make sense or be perfect. This is something for you to explain how you are feeling in a constructive way without blowing up on your ex lol.

After that burn that shit and let it go so you can continue moving forward.

Breakup Growing Pains

With a breakup, you have the opportunity to learn and grow from this experience.

Breakups are not the end, but the beginning of something better.

You have the chance to reinvent yourself and become even more badass.

Some great questions to help you are:

What did I learn from this?

What do I want moving forward?

How could I do things differently next time?

What type of boundaries do I need to set moving forward?

As you are moving onward and upward don’t forget to grow as well.

With having a sold journaling practice you will be able to have a deeper understanding of yourself mentally, spiritually and physically.

So go ahead and write it out, so you can work it out.

I wanna know, what else have you done to recover from a breakup? Let me know in the comments below!

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