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So…is officially over…

You are no longer part of the we club, but the me, myself and I club.  The life you used to know in that relationship has disappeared right before your eyes.

Right now you’re:

Boo, I know exactly what you are feeling because I was you.

My marriage was over and with it every dream I had. The thought of having to restart my life – alone – at 32- was suffocating.

I was depressed, overweight and hated looking in the mirror. Every day was a battle to make it through the day and every night I cried myself to sleep.

Back then I remember…
Sound familiar?

….that’s when I finally decided to answer the question from my therapist.

That was the moment…

….5 months after my breakup, I was able to make this my reality

5 tips on how you can have the best damn single girl summer

I’ve made it my mission to help other women to no longer feel lost and alone, to heal and to love themselves again.

Imagine you…

But – I know you are scared to let go and make any more changes in your life, doubting you can even create a better life for yourself. Wondering who can even help you.

I’m here to empower you to rediscover you! Basically, think of me as your ride or die through this process because I want to see you win!

Together we will:
As a client you will get:

Let’s do the damn thing!

In order to get to know more about you please fill out the application. I will be in contact with 48 hours if you are a great fit.

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