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Are You Being True To Yourself?


We see all those amazing quotes on Instagram or Pinterest about “living your truth” or “Be unapologetically you”. We rush to pin them to our Pinterest boards or share on social media, making sure to add the perfect hashtag of #liveyourtruth or #beyou.

But, then what?

What are we doing with those messages that moved us to the point of action to save or share them?  Have you taken a second to ask yourself the question, “Am I living my truth?”

This question can be interpreted differently by everyone. For me, I realized I wasn’t truly being who I wanted to be.

I thought I was happy with my life and myself – I had amazing friends, a great job, a loving husband. With all my planning and hard work I truly thought I was where I was meant to be. I thought life just couldn’t get any better.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been going through a discovery of who I was after separating from my husband. I’ve never done so much evaluating and re-evaluating in my damn life LOL.

The amount of self-discovery I have gone through has been an amazing experience for me. I’m rediscovery old passions and finding new ones, I’m seeing what really sets my soul on fire.

Somewhere along the years, I lost who I was. I became engrossed in trying to be a good friend, a dedicated employee, the best family member, a good spouse – I tried to be everything to everyone. I lost my identity of what made me, me by taking care of everyone else’s needs.

Then I woke the fuck up and realized I couldn’t be everything to everyone. That became more apparent when people in my life started to show their true colors. I realized I needed to give myself everything and live my life for me.

In living for me, I started being who I a wanted to be.

I started wearing lots of jewelry again like I did when I was younger. I added tattoos that had meaning to me. One on my wrist of three arrows meaning ‘create your reality’ and the saying in script “Still I rise” on my side. Both allowed me to still be a professional but still letting me be me.

My clothes became a reflection of me and who I saw myself to be. I was that mix of edgy and professional. Still able to rock out on the weekends, but still handle it in the boardroom.

I allowed myself be vocal about my wants and feelings, not giving a shit who had a problem with it.

When someone told me I changed, I replied: “thank you.” Fuck yes, I changed. I changed for the better.

That was a defining moment for me. I just didn’t say I was going to live life my truth, I embodied it. I started living for myself and no one else.

I took the time to dive deep and ask myself that hard question and find out what that meant.

So, I challenge you to take that moment and ask yourself “Am I living my truth?”


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