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Are you ready to turn your breakup into come up? 

We have all gone through a breakup at some point in our lives. Some of them you barely and others are so painful they still keep you up at night.

I know exactly how you feel girl! 

Going through my own major breakup and eventual divorce. My own experience was so devastating and heartbreaking. It felt like the worse moment of my life. I saw my entire future go up in flames after my ex-husband decided he did not want the marriage anymore. 

A breakup can bring out feelings of insecurity, loneliness and a loss in a sense of self. Your emotions are so all over the place it’s a struggle to keep yourself going day after to day. 

You start wondering how you are going to live without them, where the hell are you going now or even will you ever find love again?

I was going through the same thing until one day I said fuck this shit and took my life back. 

Within 5 months I went from living at my parent’s house with shit credit and only my clothes to my name to my own apartment, financially supporting myself and rocking a Lexus. 

Que the Ariana Grande song 7 rings 

And Babe I want the same you! 

This is why I created The Diva Mantras. My mission is to change the way we as women view a major breakup.

You CAN live a badass lifestyle on your own – on your terms. 

Your breakup is not the end but only the beginning. 

Are you ready to snatch your power back? 

Then let’s start creating some rose gold magic together! 

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