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5 Tips On How You Can Have The Best Damn Single Girl Summer

What is up Diva Tribe, it’s officially summer!! 

Queue the Will Smith song Summa Summa time



Summertime in New York is probably my favorite time of the year. The beaches are open, Fire Island is popping and the drinks are flowing.

This is the first summer I’ve been single since I was 20! Crazy to think it’s been 14 years!! 

So, what does a single girl do to have an amazing summer? 


Today I’m sharing 5 tips on how to have the best fucking single girl summer of your life! 

Summer Girls Trip

When was the last time you got your best girls together and took a trip with just you guys? If you have to think real hard about it then it’s time you saddle up the girls and hit the road. 

Any time I think of the words girls trip I always think of the movie and I crack up laughing. If you haven’t seen it, it’s def a must watch. 

Your girls trip doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You can do a weekend out of state or even someplace close to home.

The possibilities are endless.  

So pack your bags, hop in the car bumping your favorite old school classics as you hit the open road. 

Girly Outings

Can’t do a girls trip? Then plan monthly outings to do something new! 

My girls and I have done this and it’s been amazing! We have gone vineyard hopping, saw Pauly D in concert and raged out to 2000s techno at a restaurant.

Your outings can be as big as a summer festival or as simple as trying hot yoga, exploring a new restaurant or just having a beach day at a different location. 

Unsure where to find local things to do? One word: Facebook. 

Facebook will advertise any event happening in your area. Click on the Events page and filter on nearby events. You will get a listing of all the events near you. 

Pick an event and grab the homies! 

New activities 

Speaking on trying something different how about you take on some new solo activities. 

Has there been something you been wanting to try, but held back when you were with your ex? Did you stop doing something you loved because of them? 

Well, babe, it’s time to do all the things

Go out and try CrossFit, hell try a pole dancing class – it will help with your self-confidence and make you feel sexy AF. 

You can check out Groupon for a list of activities you can do near you and catch a sweet deal on it as well. 

Whatever you do, do it because it’s your damn life and you can do whatever you want. 

Yes To All The Things

This one is super simple but a much-needed tip to share. 

If you get an invite – say yes. 

Let me say that again: Say yes to any invites! 

I get it boo sometimes it’s easier to just stay in instead of dealing with life, but don’t. Sitting at home watching reruns of Will & Grace (even though an amazeballs show) is not living life to the fullest. 

You need to get out and explore and meet new people. 

This will help you move forward and see what else life has to offer. 

Live It Up This Summer

But most importantly just have fucking fun! Screw the rules and just enjoy your life. 

Remember you get to live life now however you want to live it – make sure to live it up! 

The world is paved in rose gold follow the damn road! 

What are you doing this summer? Let me know in the comments! 

PS – Babe don’t forget to come hang with me on IG for daily inspo!

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