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5 Reasons to Stop Silencing Your Voice

All of us at some point have kept silent when the actions or comments of others have bothered us in some way. Whether it be in business, friendships or your personal relationships – you kept quiet to keep the peace. You rather not ruffle feathers then saying, “hey what you just said, yea that was fucked up”.  But by keeping the peace it ate you up inside. The other person gave their thoughts or opinions, but it offended and hurt you in some way. We don’t want to fight with our friends or love ones or co-workers because we rather not feel uncomfortable after all is said and done. We might even think our feelings about the situation is wrong, but they aren’t. Just as they are allowed to have their opinions, you are allowed to feel some type of way about them.

I’ve done this many times in my own life and it’s something I’m still working on. I silenced myself or censored my voice to not offend when in reality I just needed to be living my truth. I never wanted to hurt my friends when in fact I was hurt by their comments because deep down I knew my gurls loved me and just want what’s best for me, but I needed them to fall back a bit. I needed them to just listen and not give me their opinions on what I was or wasn’t doing. Instead of me just letting it out I ended up having a mini-meltdown with my bestie in Core Life Eatery – on a Friday – during the lunch rush – on a long ass line (insert facepalm emoji) – not one of my finest moments. Yea I did, and I’ll own that shit. But you know what – I felt better after I let it out. Yes, I felt horrible for having verbal diarrhea with my gurl, but I got it out. Holding shit in never, ever ends well for anyone.

So, my loves below are my 5 reasons why I stopped silencing my voice:

  1. It makes you feel like shit

Yea it said, being silent makes you feel like complete and utter shit. Instead of letting out what your feeling you keep it all in, which leads to other issues.

  1. You stop talking about anything you have an opinion on

Due to fear of others opinions you rather keep silent than voice what you feel or how things made you feel. You rather not feel like shit again so you keep everything locked up.

  1. Things start to fester

By keeping silent with all the things you haven’t voiced, all of it starts to boil up instead. Now you have no outlet for ANYTHING you are feeling and you keep everything deep inside.

  1. Anger

When things fester, anger is not too far behind. You start getting angry with that person for how they made you feel and you start to get angry with yourself for not speaking up.

  1. Blow up

When you just can’t take it anymore you blow up at the wrong time, wrong place- remember Core life??

Those are my reasons why I let out my feelings. All I know is for is me, I rather stop silencing myself and owning my truth.

How about you?


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