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5 Questions You Need to Ask to Create Your Vibe For 2019

Wow, guys, I can not believe that we are just days away from 2019?!  I feel like I blinked and it was the end of the year. How crazy is that?

2018 was deeply meaning for me mentally, spiritually and physically. This year I got back to who Verla was and became a better version of myself.

This year I took my power back and in 2019 I’m ready to rise.

2019 has this amazing energy surrounding it that I’m amped more than ever to start a new year. I’m ready to take my life and my business to the next level by going all in with everything that I do.

With all of this gun ho energy, I was asked an important question: What did I want my 2019 to look like?

While listening to Cara Alwill Lebya podcast Style Your Mindshe asked that question. I had to really sit there for a second and ask myself – What did I want my vibe for 2019 to be?

Have you created your goals for 2019? Awesome, now have you set your intentions for the upcoming year? No?! Well babe do I have a post for you! In this issue check out these 5 questions to help you have your best year yet!

When I sat down and really asked myself the following questions, my mind was blown by the answers.

2019 Vibes

Get out a piece of paper and ask yourself the same questions below:

What’s my vibe for 2019?

Who do I need to be in 2019?

What are my intentions?

What am I available for?

What am I not available for?

These questions are simple but provide so much clarity. Maybe you want to focus on your health, leave your job or hell stop talk to your ex lol. This exercise will help you bring to light what you really want this next year to be about.

My personal 2019 Vibe List

Refer back to it anytime you need to refocus your vibe.

Bring Your Vision to Life

But…Let’s take this one step further shall we?

Two Words: Vision.Boards

I loooove creating visions boards and how you can use them for your vision/goal planning. What better way to put them all in one place.

I’m all about law of attraction and manifestation and how you can totally create the life you want. Put that shit out into the universe and watch it respond (of course you gotta put in the work, but ya know what I mean).

How about making a night of it?

Get your girlfriends together, order in, grab some wine and get to work. You will have something you can refer back to all year long when you need a little motivation.

Making a physical board not your jam? Did you know you could create a vision board via Pinterest?

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Pinterest is an amazing search engine like Google where you can find pictures or quotes for whatever you need. Create a new board, switch it to private and start pinning away!

Remember you are the writer, editor and designer of your life – go out and slay the F out of 2019.

5 Questions You Need to Ask to Create Your Vibe for 2019
5 Questions You Need to Ask to Create Your Vibe for 2019

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